UNL Faculty and USDA ARS Scientists Utilizing SCAL

Dr. Guillermo Balboa, Plant Physiology, Weed, and Production Systems
Dr. Girma Birru, USDA Research Agronomist
Dr. Humberto Blanco, Soil Management
Dr. Javed Iqbal, Soil and Water Sciences
Dr. Amitkumar Jhala, Weed Management
Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems, Corn Pathologist
Dr. Virginia Jin, USDA-ARS, Research Soil Scientist
Dr. Joe Luck, Biological Systems Engineering and Associate Director ENREC
Dr. John Lindquist, Plant Ecologist
Dr. Dylan Mangel, Soybean Plant Pathologist
Dr. Justin McMechan, Crop Protection and Cropping Systems
Dr. Laila Puntel, Soil Fertility and Precision Ag
Dr. Teshome Regassa, Crop Variety Testing Coordinator
Dr. Marty Schmer, USDA-ARS, Research Agronomist
Dr. Stephen Wegulo, Wheat Pathologist
Dr. Brian J. Wienhold, USDA-ARS, Soil Scientist
Dr. Robert J. Wright, Entomologist
Dr. Haishun Yang, Crop Modeling